Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yeah for my bestie coming in town from Illinois this week! I am so excited to see her.... spa weekend here we come! I just got an invite today for a happpy hour at the Spaldings (a family I have grown up with who now lives in Lee's Summit... kinda crazy) on Friday so as of right now that is all we have planned. I think Crissie coming in town calls for a new dress... what do u think!?!?!
Super Cutsie... just feel like I need white wedges to wear with it and I donated my white wedges to Goodwill!  Also loving these...
Plus I need new dresses for vacation!!! Next stop... NYC... Hamptons and Long Island beach! <3ing summa time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tie Hem

I need these type of shirts in my life... Where can I find cute ones???
It is almost summer time and I can't wait! I am going to spend time with my bestie from Illinois this weekend for memorial day and get my BEBE back! Looking forward to a 4 day weekend and sunning my buns! I have decided to go on my family float trip over the 4th this year... which it has been years since I have gone but its time to see everyone again. I was really sad last year when I wasn't with them. Now lets just hope I get off work! I am not a camping type of girl so this is going to be rough... but I figure a couple cocktails and everything will be alright. So I have caught myself three times this week talking about my bucket list.... and once again today it came up in conversation. I am not going to add everything at once to my list but I want to share!

1. See a crocodile in the wild

I'm sure once I move away from this state it won't be hard... yes sorry guys do not plan on living here much longer... a year or less is all I have left in me for life in KC.

Well I am stuck working Sunday this week since I am taking a 4 day weekend.... so I'm going to  be real productive today and work on my grocery list and camping list! Does everyone get excited when they go grocery shopping or camping shopping or is it just me??? Guess you can officially say I have a shopping problem... what's new....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


That title describes my energy level today!!! :) I have switched my vitamins to Iron supplements and Hair, Skin & Nails vitties and I seriously feel like I could stay awake for days! I'm sure my two cups of coffee this AM do not help, but I seriously worked out until midnight last night and was awake until 3 AM last night. I woke up at 7:30 today and have more energy than ever! I NEED TO GO RUN! Seriously debating this Hospital Hills half marathon... I think I need someone to run with me.... not that I can't run alone but A) It's more fun beating someone ya know B) I need motivation to train hills! I HATE really dislike hills... especially with having this cast on even though it affected my running schedule the first couple weeks, I can now say that me and Mr. Cast have became quite besties. I like matching my clothes to her!!!! Well wrist is in pain from typing even though I have so much more to say! .... like my memorial day plans!!! but I will save those for another day! *Bye Bye For Now Loves*

Monday, April 30, 2012

I gotttaaaa shopping problem

Yes. Buy Now. Click. Life wouldn't be complete without...

Totally #obSeSSed

I will have these in every color before
summer.... Loveeee JCrew clothes for this summer.... P.s. 1 more *week* N my cast is Offies!! YeaHyyy

Tuesday, April 3, 2012