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Sunday, May 20, 2012

It is almost summer time and I can't wait! I am going to spend time with my bestie from Illinois this weekend for memorial day and get my BEBE back! Looking forward to a 4 day weekend and sunning my buns! I have decided to go on my family float trip over the 4th this year... which it has been years since I have gone but its time to see everyone again. I was really sad last year when I wasn't with them. Now lets just hope I get off work! I am not a camping type of girl so this is going to be rough... but I figure a couple cocktails and everything will be alright. So I have caught myself three times this week talking about my bucket list.... and once again today it came up in conversation. I am not going to add everything at once to my list but I want to share!

1. See a crocodile in the wild

I'm sure once I move away from this state it won't be hard... yes sorry guys do not plan on living here much longer... a year or less is all I have left in me for life in KC.

Well I am stuck working Sunday this week since I am taking a 4 day weekend.... so I'm going to  be real productive today and work on my grocery list and camping list! Does everyone get excited when they go grocery shopping or camping shopping or is it just me??? Guess you can officially say I have a shopping problem... what's new....

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